Update: Working with Ms. Safiyyah

Been spending time with my entertainment family and I am excited about all the things to come. Recorded some stuff with my sis Ms. Safiyyah. She is absolutely hilarious, y’all. Below is some of the stuff we’ve done. Of course, we are doing more. A film is in the works (I’m still writing it). I am so excited, well, my version of excited, that I have some more roles cast. Oh, this is gonna be a lot of fun and hard work. I am ready. Just gotta get that pocket book right. Hehe. Working on that too.

Below is a video of outtakes. 

The film that I am working on is going well. I’ve come up with an interesting group of characters and the cast is an interesting group of characters. Part of the reason I’m doing it the way I am is not only to create an entertaining film but to strengthen everyone’s skills, as actors, writers, directors, producers, everything. The characters are composites of my friends and me. FUN right? I think so. I never want my characters to be exactly like one friend. But combining bits and pieces makes for a better story. Some fiction is thrown in there of course, but a good deal is based off of real life.

Well, enough of me writing here. I have to get back to my script.

Love and hugs,



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