Questions Every Indie Artist/Band Should Be Able To Answer

The Homework Portion¬† ¬†Every artist wants to think he is doing great. I’m just gonna make music and sell sell sell. Do you have fans? Yeah! How many? Blank stare. If you want to know the health of your band you have to think of it from an manager prospective. These are the same things … More Questions Every Indie Artist/Band Should Be Able To Answer

More to Come

Hello, Been spending time with my entertainment family and I am excited about all the things to come. Recorded some stuff with my sis Ms. Safiyyah. She is absolutely hilarious, y’all. Below is some of the stuff we’ve done. Of course, we are doing more. A film is in the works (I’m still writing it). … More More to Come

How to Break Up

If you ever have a hard time saying goodbye to someone, probably because you actually care about someone’s feelings, here you go. This will help you out. What are your break up techniques? Love ya, SJ


Hey, I’m working on this new thing called advertising. Well, I’m selling advertising. I think I am going to enjoy it. Now I am coming up with lists for possible clients. If any of YOU are interested let me know. If you are a musician looking to distribute your music let me know that as … More Advertising