Questions Every Indie Artist/Band Should Be Able To Answer

The Homework Portion 
 Every artist wants to think he is doing great. I’m just gonna make music and sell sell sell. Do you have fans? Yeah! How many? Blank stare. If you want to know the health of your band you have to think of it from an manager prospective. These are the same things an A&R and record label are going to want answers to. Knowing the answers can also save you a lot of time and money. If you realize where you need help you can fix your problem. If you are doing great you know you are on the right path and can continue doing what you are doing. Either way, look at it as encouragement. I’m a numbers girl. The numbers don’t lie. They are painful sometimes in life, but the truth sets you free so I’m told. Also, knowing this can help when writing your press kit. So get started. Feel free to post your answers as a response or to do them with your band.
I want real answers too.  
1.    On average, how many fans come to a show specifically to see you?
2.    How many views do you get to your youtube channel each month?
3.    When someone comments, how long does it take you to respond with thank you or answering a question?
4.    How many people at your shows sign up for your email list?
5.    How many emails do you send out a month?
6.    How many cds/albums do you give away at every show?
7.    How many cds/albums do you sell a month?
8.    How many likes does your Facebook page get a month?
9.    Do you post regularly to your website/blog?
10. How many fans do you think you have that do not know you personally?
11.  What are your favorite venues locally? Nationally?
12.  What are your goals for the next six months?
13. How often do ppl request you to book a show with them?
14. Do you have plans for reaching these goals.
15. Do you have a manager?
16. Do you listen to your manager’s advice?
17. What steps do you take to learn about the music industry?
18.  Do you feel you would benefit from bringing someone on to work (paid) for you?
19.  How do your friends/loved ones help you?
20. How do you promote yourself?
21. What websites/magazines are you on/in?
22. Do you submit your music for press purposes?
23. Are you happy with these numbers? 

Identify the areas you need to improve in and do so. Before you can go on tour and sell out shows you have to have people purchase your music. Before you can have people purchase your music you must have fans. Before you have fans you must do your part to get them. Once you get them you have to hold on to them. It’s a loving relationship that will have it’s ups and downs, but you must be committed for it to work.  If you have someone to work for you you have to listen. Don’t pay and them ignore his/her advice. Get someone you trust, someone who has your best interest at heart.  Even then, learn all you can. That way when you receive advice you will understand it and be more inclined to follow through. Or, you can ask the right questions, or reject it with understanding. If you are performer of music looking to be a seller of music you must be a student of the music business. No way around it.
If you have any questions or you want some paid help hit me up. Make sure to follow me on twitter for more tips.
Hope this helps,
Sara Jo


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