Interview Questions

Hello there,

This is a short and sweet post. Earlier I stated how I wanted to do interviews for my site.  Well, here are some questions that I would love to have my guests answer. If you think of any more please feel free to add them to the comment section.

Who is in your band?
How do you get along?
Where did you get your name?
How would you describe your sound?
Why did you get into music?
Who is your favorite independent/underground artist besides yourself?
What and who inspire your lyrics?
What are your live performances like? (Example: Laid back, energetic)
Who is the craziest person in the group?
What is a typical studio session like?

What do you love most about the music scene these days?
What do you dislike?
What is your songwriting process like?
Do you do other things besides music?
What kind of artists do you want to work with?
What are your fans like?
Who has the most twitter love?
Who eats the most?
Who is the worst driver?
Share a funny story.
When you become millionaires, what fun things will you do with your money?
What are your favorite websites?
Who are the special fans you want to thank?
What do you want to accomplish with your music?
Any extra footage or comments?
Where can your fans get your music?
Where can music executives contact you?
Add press kit if desired.

Much love,



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