Does and Don’ts: Finding a Producer

Hi everyone. I wanted to come to you with a quick does and don’t for finding a producer. If you are a producer or have any experiences please leave them in the comments.

Do look for a producer whose sound you enjoy.
Don’t approach a producer and beg for some free labor when he/she has no clue who you are.
Do look for someone who takes pride in his/her work.
Don’t work with anyone who doesn’t respect your sound.
Do have an idea of what sound you want before you begin.
Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.
Do try new things.
Don’t sign any contracts you don’t understand.
Do look for someone who is known for telling it like it is.
Don’t work with someone you can’t get along with.
Do check your breath before breathing all on his/her microphone.
Don’t develop a reputation for being difficult.
Do have an understanding of payment before you record anything.
Thanks friends and happy recording,

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