Book Review: Bird By Bird By Anne Lamott

Do you ever feel like you were born to write. The words come out of you for a few days and then nothing. Or perhaps the words are stuck in your head. You need some encouragement. I am going to review a few books on writing that might help you.
Many books on writing are about character development, plot, three acts, and other technical stuff. If you are looking for a more personal approach to instruction check out Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott. She speaks with passion and compassion. Even if you are seasoned writer you may find this book beneficial, but it is targeted toward those just beginning their journey.
This book covers finding inspiration, the importance of routine, being observant, getting an agent, handling rejection, writing the gusto, dealing with jealousy, and libel. It is easy to read. She doesn’t write with the arrogance I have found in some books. Lamott admits her faults.
One chapter is about getting over thinking you need to be a perfectionist. Some writers put down words, read them, decide they are horrible, and give up the craft. Rarely anyone gets out the most brilliant, life changing writing with the first draft. She offers the encouragement writers need.
She speaks of her love for her father, a writer, and his battle with cancer. She tells of the time she had with her best friend, how she would not allow her to make excuses for not writing. Writing is not always to gain fame and fortune from publication. In fact, many published authors do not have fame or fortune. But, they continue to write.  They write everyday.
My favorite line from this book: “Write as if your parents are dead.”
Would I recommend this book to anyone considering a career in writing? Absolutely. It is a good book with a lot of heart. You may find yourself smiling after this book and not being so hard on yourself.

Have you read this book? What do you think of it? What books on writing would you recommend or advise me to stay away from?

Here is an interview with the best selling author.

Thanks for reading,


PS. She also has a book called Joe Jones, which was my Papa’s name. Maybe I should read it. Have you?


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