Self Development: 5 Year Plan

A lot of us want to be our own bosses. Now that I am serious about starting my business on my own I know the importance of having a plan. Yes, I have a business plan. But I find it important to have a shorter five year plan I can look at will keep me motivated. I know there will be times when I go off the plan. Having a path and an end destination will allow me to move forward when I feel lost.

5 Year Plan for Filmmaking

I intent to create my own production company.  Because I am a musician first my company will focus on combining film and music. I have done the necessary research in that I received a film degree, a writing degree, and a business degree. I minored in theatre. I believe acting classes are useful to a writer.  I have also written a business plan.  I currently work with a distributor. I have made connections with a network. They have agreed to help me with my film projects because they would receive credit as well.  I’m not resting my hopes on this though. I have also one commercial for a bakery.

I chose the 15th because it is the middle of the month.  I feel it will cut down on procrastination because I do not have all month to do something. Also, my brother’s Birthday is the 15th of March. Mine is the 30th of May. So some things I want to have done before my birthday.

Work on creative notebook.  (ongoing)
Find mentor. Research grants and funding. Create a funding plan. (March 15)
Attend networking events. (April 15)
Write at least 2 feature films.  (Nov. 15)
Find fellow filmmakers. Write 2 shorts. (Jan. 15)
Read directing and cinematography books, at least two of each. (Feb 15)
Join Atlanta film group.  (May 15)
Practice pitching and query letters.  (Ongoing. Begin now)
Post at least 3 YouTube videos a month and promote channel. (Ongoing)
Book three commercials. (May 15)

Incorporate. (Jan. 15)
Finish Rewrites of 2 feature films. (May 15)
Get funding for one. (Dec. 15)
Film at least one short.  (April 15)
Attend three networking events.  (Ongoing, first March 15)
Attend acting, writing, and filmmaking workshops, at least one of each.  (Ongoing, first April 15)
Help sponsor an event, such as workshop. (Nov. 15)
Direct three music videos. (May 15)

Submit shorts to film festivals and contests. (Jan. 15)
Film one of my movies. (At least cast by Dec. 15, Ongoing)
Write another script. (Dec. 15)
Attend three networking events. (Ongoing, first April 15)
Hold another workshop. (June 15)
Offer services for non-profit group. (Ongoing, first July 15)

Produce webisodes. (Ongoing, first Feb. 15)
Attend three more networking events.  (Ongoing, first April 15)
Take another directing workshop. (Ongoing, whenever it occurs.)

Begin work on my PhD. (August)
Buy a home with office. (Would love for this to happen before now, but I’m being realistic. May 15)
Become the “it” place for music videos and and other film projects. (Ongoing)

Well, that is my roadmap. What is yours?

For more on setting goals check out this article from Mind Tools.

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