Self Development: A Sweatheart’s Secret Weapon

I am known as a sweetheart. As some of you may know being the nice one often means people underestimate you. They take you for a sucker. It can be frustrating. But then something Robert Greene says comes to mind, “Sometimes you have to play a sucker to beat a sucker.” I call this “concealing your weapons.”

Sometimes my quietness is just me having nothing to say. Other times it is because I don’t care to share my thoughts. I do tend to write what’s on my mind, but when I am quiet I am learning, observing, analyzing. People don’t know what to do with quiet people. Their insecurities often lead them to assume the worse.

If you can put your pride aside you can use this knowledge to strategize a sneak attack. I don’t mean everything to sound negative.

I will give you an example. I am the soft spoken, quiet type. I have a silly side most don’t get to see. I tend to stick to myself. I have friends, but I am by no means popular.

When my grandfather became weak from illness no one expected me to be the strong one. I was because I had to be. I had a limited time with him. I didn’t want to regret anything. When he passed away I broke down in private. Even though it was difficult to see him in such pain I was able to let my love for him  take the lead.

After he passed my family said I was always the strong one. They never paid any attention before. I have always kind of did my own thing. But it was only when I realized it as a strength did it start to make a difference.

Another time is when I decided to move to Atlanta to go to college. No one thought I could do it. How could sweet and simple Sara survive? I am much stronger and smarter than they knew. I am still breathing.

When a person does assume you are weak proving a her wrong is more effective than telling her she is wrong about you. Let your competitor think she has the upper hand. She may not try as hard. If she attacks you you will be ready. When success means going against your nature let your passion take the lead; view whatever required quality a hidden trait you would otherwise conceal.

There are times when being a sweetheart won’t work. But, I’ve met some cool people by being myself. That’s my point. Be who you are, unless you are a jerk.  And if people think you can’t do something surprise them. Sweethearts are some pretty powerful people.

Do people underestimate you because of your kind nature?

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