Self Development: Intimidation in the Education System

How are you today? I am exhausted. I have been dealing with a school. I am trying to figure out why I am having so many issues with the school. Of course school staff never like to admit they are wrong. Anyone with a college degree can tell you incompetence is the norm. It seems to get worse.
When you deal with people in academia you will encounter attitude. People think their degrees give the right to be lazy, nasty, or otherwise a waste of time to students.

I’ve dealt with a student housing woman slamming a paper in my face because she was in a bad mood. I’ve come down to an office to fill out papers and turn them in while still in the office only to have them call me the next day to say I didn’t. My friend had to go down there six times.

I had a teacher who wondered why most of the class didn’t do well on the test. When I said a question was ill worded she insulted me. Why ask if you didn’t want the truth? Another teacher gave us a lecture. Never did they think they were not effective teachers. Change your method; it is that simple.

We are not encouraged to challenge our professors. They get our money and we may or may not get a quality education. It is easy to say students are lazy. But what about when they put in the work?

School should be a collaborative endeavour that fosters learning. These days it seems more of we take your money, tell you to read something, answer your questions something you read, not an explaination, and disengage. It is all about a check.

This is not true of all teachers. Some have a passion for education. That passion is visible.

It is rare. And that saddens me. The result of boring, apathetic teachers is evident in the ill written facebook statuses which abandon  logic and punctuation. It is evident in the low self-esteem of adults. It is evident in the growing accounts of violence. A caring teacher makes a world of difference. If all you want is a paycheck and are not willing to take your students’ suggestions to heart do not work in education. Intimidation is not acceptable.

Do you have a teacher that inspires you? Had a bad experience with the people at your school? Please share.

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