Facts About Me: Part 1

Sorry I took a month off. It was not intentional. I have been working on my writing, especially my thesis. I am still working on it. Also, I got sick. I still am. But, I want to write more for you.

I plan on writing my random thoughts and whatever is on my heart. Some posts may be what I am learning about my writing. Some may be pictures of my pink lipstick. It could be about socks. But, I want to share more. This is my attempt to be more “open.”

So in the spirit of sharing here are facts about me.

1. I wasn’t the girl who planned her wedding.
2. My favorite colors are black, purple, teal, and gold.
3. I like reading blogs online more than fiction novels.
4. I watch HGTV, not MTV.
5. I am a makeup lover. But I am more interested in the art form than wearing it.
6. I love writing songs, even bad ones.
7. If I was wealthy I would have a lot of socks.
8. I hate turtlenecks, but the cold is worse.
9. I hate polishing my nails, but I own a lot of polish. (Bonus: I’ve been told I’m team pretty feet.)
10. I hate when I have typos.

So tell me something about yourself.

Catch me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/caramelsarajo

I need to tweet more.




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