Stream of Consciousness… with Punctuation

I’m probably the only person who gets fussed at for trying to be considerate and I know I’m the only one who gets talked down to because I have a college education and want to do my work and better myself. I am confused. I did was I was supposed to do, didn’t make trouble, never drank or smoked, finished school with no babies, never stayed out, like I ever go anywhere, and I clean when I can, try to cook when I can, take put the trash, give of my time and money when I can. I’m loyal and supportive and helpful. I mind my own business. But no good deed goes unpunished. I’m exhausted, but I pray it will all work out. Keep hope alive and all that. There has gotta be a reason God made me a sweet, smart, but socially awkward kid who ppl think is weird. I’m okay with weird. Weird is good. But I don’t think anyone really knows me. Or wants to. I suppose I’m just really missing my Papa.


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