Self Development: Do You Really Love

Some ppl do not represent God well. They cuss ppl out and don’t take criticism. They say whatever and mistreat others, but when someone corrects them they say “you judging.” No one said you were beyond God’s love. These ppl say “I love God” in word. Love is a verb.

I am convinced the lines “Don’t judge me” and “So, I’m not perfect” are what ppl say when they want immunity for their rude, inconsiderate, disrespectful behavior. But, those are the same ones who expect and apology. How can you want what you aren’t willing to give?

It is okay to make mistakes, but you must forgive as you are forgiven. Even if you should expect it, a heartfelt “I’m sorry” is far more honorable than whatever dismissive live ppl throw out. Of course, some delusional ppl feel as if their opinions matter more than the next person’s.

If someone says he/she loves you but the actions don’t reflect that you say he is lying, or she’s playing games. Why should God feel any differently. Ppl have asked why I’m such a nice person? It is my nature, but more importantly my relationship with God depends on it. What parent is going to like you if you constantly mistreat his children? None who cares. He will probably want to kill you.

Well, this is what my grandmother and I talked about today. It is a blessing to be the progeny of spiritually minded folk and a minister. But, all God’s ppl are ministers.


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