Song Lyrics: Every Now and Then

I’m listening to some of my songs and I thought I would share my lyrics. This one is relatable no matter if you are female or male, young or old, gay or straight. It is pretty self-explanatory.

So here is “Every Now and Then.”

Have you ever wanted something so bad
But you know you’re never gonna get it
You try to be strong and to get over it
But every now and then what you wouldn’t give to hear a genuine

I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that
I’m sorry, I should have had your back
The hurt you carry I supplied
All those times I made you cry
I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that

It would make a world of difference
Bring closure, fix bridges, help get the healing under way
You don’t hold your breath
Move on to the next step
But every now and then you imagine you hear him say
(repeat hook)

What it would mean to me to hear you say it
See every now and then I picture us running into each other
and you acknowledging my feelings
I’m pretty sure it will never be reality to hear you say to me
(repeat hook)

I wrote this way after the fact. It seems now matter how much tone passes some scars are slow to heal. Even when they do a kind word from the person who gave you the wound would help. But you’re a realist. It will never come. So you shrug it off. Story of my life.

Songwriters, what song of yours describes this need? Please tell us below.


Ps. Check out my other blog for more music related posts.  Please feel free to contact me about being on the blog or any ideas you have.


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