Acting Tip 2: Character Motivation and Character Adjective

Thinking about motivation is helpful in crafting a character as well as performing as one.

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It’s important when approaching a new acting role to real get a handle right from the start  on how you are going to portray your character. This process should start  even before  you audition. Whilst this frequently isn’t possible, if you can  then read the whole piece as a cohesive whole. You want to identify the meta-narrative , the over-arching story line of the project upon which you’re going to be working on. Once you know what the storyline is you can then proceed to see where your character fits into  the  story, and you can seek out and identify the  motive driving your character. Every character  has  a motive, even the safe boring ones. Motive is nothing more than a explanation of the reason  why a  character acts in the way that they do. Action is always preceded by  a (frequently subconscious) reasoning process.  On the screen as in…

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