Self Development: Increasing Productivity Part 1

We all have imperfections. Sometimes one imperfection bothers us more than others. One that seems to keep getting in my way is my inability to stick to a schedule. I don’t mean a rigorous one. I’m not trying to wake up at the same time every day. I usually pop up at 4 AM. I mean knowing that I will write this on Monday, edit that on Tuesday, read this on Friday. I am horrible at schedules. But I know productive people stick to a schedule of sorts and so I need to emulate them if I want to be successful.

Well, I have mentioned I use to use my calendar on my computer. One month I was able to complete a first draft of a script. Why can’t I do that now? I can. Here is what I plan to do to help me keep track of my writing, editing, and blogging.

I am going to use my calendar. But this time instead of using only my computer I have paper. I know some people will use their Filofaxes or other agendas to keep track. I happen to own those. I made myself buy them. I have planners that are inexpensive as well as some which are more costly. (I purchased several for less than $100, but one alone at regular price is $115, so compare prices.)

I wrote down the things I wanted to accomplish. I made sure not to put too many things down for one day. This way I can get my writing down and finish the other projects such as cleaning or laundry.  I will eventually add those things to the list.

iCal writing starting Feb 14. Friday to Friday week.

I only did this week so I could see what I need to adjust. For example, I may be able to write and post all three weekly posts in one sitting and then use the schedule post feature to make sure my readers get consistency.

The reward will not only be a more productive me but also a happier me. I will look at all the things I got done that week and feel like I can do more. And I will do more. And I will be where I want to be in life.

Please feel free to join me on my experiment. And do share any tips you have that help you control your week.

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