Self Development: Love Over Tolerance

I hate when people say we have to tolerate other races. Am I wrong for being what God made me? It doesn’t annoy me that you look different. I love it. We tolerate what bothers us until we can escape the situation.

Who of us says we won’t accept a package because a Korean delivered it? Or we won’t do want to accept a tip because a Black person is giving it? That would be ridiculous. We all share this planet. We need each other. If I’m stranded and you offer to help should I say no, you are the wrong color? Stupid.

The thing that I don’t understand is how people profess to love God and hate others. That violates most religions’ doctrines. The God of Christianity says you can’t love Him if you don’t love others and your worship is not acceptable. It even says hatred of another is murder. We know it leads to them. Alll this talk of tolerance is great. They however chose the wrong word. We need to get to know one another and develop real friendships.

So I will not tolerate someone of another ethnicity. I will embrace and celebrate our differences and honor what we have in common. I will love you whether you are a redhead with ivory skin or a brown eyed beauty with a big booty.  Because I see color and I love it. It is what makes us interesting and beautiful and special. I don’t have to tolerate what I love.


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