Writer’s Notebook: My Bad Habit

Do you have a bad habit? You are probably shaking your head like “Sara Jo, now you know.” I do. But I am waiting on you to tell me what it is.

Shopping? Okay. Let’s say our character has the same product. Now we can get special. Janet has an issue buying kitchen gadgets that she never uses. Now she is dating Billy. Billy is great with money. And he recycles. Janet wants to impress him so she hides her bad habit. This could mean when she knows Billy will visit she stashes the new toys in a huge bucket and puts the bucket on the top shelf of her guest room closet. He will never go in there.

How can we make this habit more interesting. Janet carries a bag from William Sonoma. She reaches in her bag to take out a box. She pulls apart the box to reveal a food processor. Phone rings. Billy.

“Be there in two minutes.”

See where we are going with this?
This scene could go several different ways.

So if a scene needs some conflict think of a bad habit and what the character feels about the habit. Then put her in a scene with another character who has a different outlook on that habit.

Let me know how it works out for you.




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