Career Development: Find A Support System

Having a support system can mean the difference in a career that thrives or a career that dies. It’s important to find someone who will help keep you motivated, a person you can talk to when you feel overwhelmed, and someone you can share your joy with. Sometimes these people are members of your household. Other times you may need the warm embrace of a stranger. 

But how do you find a support group? I’m learning to ask. I ask strangers for tips and tricks and sometimes they offer support. A shy girl like me isn’t used to that. So I’m making myself do this whole sharing thing. I’m working on opening up. I probably need a twelve step program. In the meantime I am going to try to do something that scares me. I am going to let others help me. I’m going to be more involved. I joined some Facebook groups and I am looking for more. I’m reaching out to other writers. 

I am also forcing myself to write more so that I have more to share. I want to get experience writing things I never thought I could. I think I will enjoy challenging myself. A lot of things I didn’t think I could do. But I did them. I know having someone tell me I can do it and better yet, showing me how to do, will make all the difference. Sometimes not knowing the next steps to take keep us from achieving our dreams. Having someone show me the ropes will build my confidence. All I need is someone to say, “Do it this way.” 

Now with this said, I never want to be greedy. So I’m sharing what I know how to do. Some may look at me and say “I want to do that.” Maybe there is no one in their lives to show them how. So anything I learn I will share. If you want to be a part of my support group and want me to be a part of yours let me know on my Facebook page

I encourage you to ask for help when you need it. Look for ways to offer support to someone who needs it. This could be teaching her to drive, or cook, help with job interview skills, or interpersonal skills. Do’t be greedy with what you know. 

Do you have any tips for accepting help? How did you find your support group?

Chat with me,

Sara Jo


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