Writer’s Notebook: Writing A Difficult Assignment- Chinese Buffet

I haven’t blogged in a while. Not because I didn’t want to. I usually blog from my phone. I can bust out my ideas and share them. It’s fun on the fun. Well, it was. Then, my phone died. Yep. DIED. How rude? So with no phone and no real incentive to get another one I waited for the Internet instillation. Then when I went to blog the Internet was going slow so I was not able to actually get any of the links to work. I could log in and that was it. More rudeness. I still can’t get it to work from the internet.

I finally have a new phone and I downloaded the blogging app. I still haven’t activated my phone. (No one really calls and I am always working from the comforts of my bed and the house phone works. And I am being cheap.) I decided that perhaps I should come back to you with a little bit of writing I’ve been doing while I was away.

So I tried looking for a cool place to write and make a few bucks so I could report back to you. I’m still working on that. While this place did not work out for me I will share with you what my writing assignment was. I was to write 1500 words on a Chinese buffet. Let me say that again, 1500 words. That is about six pages double spaced. You thinking what I’m thinking? A school paper. Exactly! I had a hard time writing those papers when I had articles to help me. I don’t know who wanted all of this, or why, but I wasn’t able to deliver that much. I did, however, come up with some creative stuff. And since I wasn’t going to get paid the writing still belongs to me. So here you go, my lovelies.

Please note that I made up a name and location because I am using this as a writing sample.


Lunchtime can be hectic and pricey. You want something that tastes good, comes quickly, and is affordable. Look no further than It Takes Good Here. If you are looking for a quick meal during your lunch break or want a nice, clean place to take your family for satisfying dinner at an affordable price come visit us at It Takes Good Here. Skip the long lines at the fast food restaurant.
No time to dine in? Please stop by to ask about our lunch specials and carry-outs. Fill your box, grab a drink, and get back to work on time. Our huge selection will make lunch an exciting experience each time you come.

Who wants to cook after a long day at the office? We have you covered. Lounge in our comfortable dining room and fill your tummy.  No need to decide between the chicken and the burger. Enjoy a variety of meals ranging from Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisine. Love seafood? Try our tasty shrimp and crab dishes. Maybe spring rolls and soup is more your style. Perhaps you want some sushi. Whether you are craving something healthy like a salad, roasted chicken, or veggie plate or something fried like our chicken wings It Takes Good Here has the perfect entrée to hit the spot. Don’t forget dessert. Taste one of our yummy pastries, pudding, ice cream, or donut options.  Even the pickiest eater will find something he or she loves.

Looking for a place to feed a large group? We would love to host your next birthday party, corporate meeting, wedding celebration, graduation, family reunion, or any other special event in your life. Our large dining room will accommodates large parties. Parking is free. Our prices are affordable and our polite staff will be delighted to assist you. We promise great food and wonderful customer service. Call us to inquire.


It Takes Good Here is a family friendly buffet located in Fake City, GA that offers a vast selection sure to please various health and dietary needs. The buffet includes such foods as chicken wings and fries, sushi, and Mu Shu pork, vegetables, ice cream, pastries, and much more. Come experience a different culture or a taste of home. We operate a clean and friendly environment.  Our staff is fast and knowledgeable. Our food is appetizing.  Park for free.

We are open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM to 10:30 PM.  We have carry out available.

Looking for a place to get chicken wings, a nice salad, and an ice cream cone? You can’t do that at the fast food restaurants but you can at It Takes Good Here. Pile your plate with crispy fries.


We are located at I Made This Up St, Fake City, GA, 33333. Our phone number is (222) 555-1999.

Have you completed or attempted any business writing that seemed a stretch? How did you do it? Please share your tips below.




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