Self-Development: Dear Future Husband

From time to time I like to post “Dear Future Husband” thoughts as a Facebook status. I thought I might share them with you. You can post yours as well. So the idea is simple. You write something you want a future mate to know. It is usually short and sometimes humorous. Who knows, maybe he is reading it and taking notes. At least you are putting your desires out into the universe. On with the examples,

Dear Future Husband,
Hope you’re good at math and science.

Dear Future Husband,
If you ever find yourself in the dog house and want to get back in my good graces, learn how to make gumbo.

Dear Future Husband,
I’m not a salad kind of girl. Gimme steak.

Dear Future Husband,
I hate thunderstorms and will be in a cuddling mood.

Dear Future Husband,
Challenge me in a game of Uno and you’re going down.

Dear Future Husband,
If I say “I’m sorry” I mean it.

Dear Future Husband,
If you come home and Lifetime is on keep your pants on. We have company.

Now as a writer you may be thinking, “I wonder what my character’s DFHs would be?” Write a list and see. Ooh, ooh, (said with excitement in my head) what if the character wrote a list ten years ago and got married? What kind of husband does she have? Is he a good mate based on her list?

If you try my exercise please let me know.

Chat with me  @caramelsarajo.


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