Study Skills: Using a Planner Part 1

I’m here writing in my planner and a new segment for my blog occurred to me. I’m calling it Study Skills. You may have noticed I like to keep this blog organized. That’s for me and for you. What we have as tags may show up as tabs in a planner. 

For example, I have “Career Development” as a part of this blog. Well, you may want to do a “Career Development” tab for your planner. Here you could keep notes on how you want your career to progress (note to self). You could create a “Personal Development” section to write out the things about yourself you need to work on. I do this. I also like to write my progress. I have something that shows what I am blessed with. But, how does this relate to study skills?

Organization makes school less stressful. It is nice to see what you have to work on. How can you study if you don’t know what you are studying? I love having a visual representation of what I need to do, instead of trying to remember it. You can break down these assignments into smaller sections. If you have several assignments due at the end of the week you can plan what to do first. When you finish your assignment you get to cross it off your list. If you need clarification on something you can mark that as well. 

You have a lot of options when choosing a planner. You can get a big one or a small one. You can go the affordable route or you can get a designer agenda. You can get ring, spiral, or bound planners. The great thing about a ring planner, which is what I use, is I can move pages around. If I think something fits better in another category I can move it. I can create all kinds of planners. I can have one for my screenwriting. I can do one for everyday life. Some people have them for home management. 

I loved having a planner in high school. Sadly, I forgot about it when I went to college. I could have been more focused and accomplished more. But, I am on it now. I haven’t gotten in to the decorating of the pages, but someday. As for now, I am more focused on the efficiency and structure it provides. 

Do you use a planner? If so, what kind? How do you like it?

Chat with you later,





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