Career Development: Asking for Recommendations

I told you all in a previous blog post I am working on my tutoring business.  Today I received this email from the online company I signed up with. They send out helpful marketing information. Here is an example:

Hello reader,

Your opinion is valuable to me as it helps me grow as a teacher. Your opinion is also valuable to prospective students who might be considering taking lessons with me.I am looking to grow my student roster, and would love your help. Please take a few minutes to write a review about your experience with me as a teacher on my TakeLessons profile.

With your positive endorsement, you will be helping future students make the decision to book with me. This should only take 2 minutes, and will significantly impact my success.

Please click here: Then click on the “Write a review” tab near the bottom of my profile page.

Thanks in advance for your support! If I can ever return the favor don’t hesitate to ask.

All the Best,

Sara Jo

I think this is great. The letter is all written up and ready to go. A good website helps their users out. I am already enjoying the helpful documents this website has. Once I really get into it I will review it here for you. But right now is looking like a winner. 

I would like to know what websites you find helpful in your line of work. Is it something I can review on my blog? Would you like to write a review? Also, do you write endorsements for your friends? LinkedIn has a similar endorsement feature. You have the option of writing something. LinkedIn also has pictures of the person with a question such as, “Does Amanda know songwriting?” If so, you click “yes” and keep it moving. This works well for those who do not know what to write but are aware of the person’s skills. 

This feature also speaks to the importance of networking on social media. Employers no longer have to call references. They can scan social media sites to see what kind of impression the candidate makes on others. I could get into a long discussion of the importance of not acting a fool online, but I will save that for another time. I will say it is nice to get endorsements from friends online. But, it is also reassuring to see strangers praise your skills based on the work you produce. Sometimes they can tell the spirit of a person. That’s always a plus. When you see all these strangers saying someone was easy to work with, or creates riveting content, or motivates them to reach goals it drives the reader’s curiosity. 

So ask for recommendations. First, be the kind of person someone would want to recommend.

Talk to me,



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