Living With Cerebral Palsy: Introduction

Ever wonder why some people take the elevator to go up one floor instead of the grand staircase? Maybe it’s because the person is in pain and class is about to start in 5 minutes. I used to hate college. You know college is a lot of walking. I tried to take the stairs when I could. Of course I looked funny clinging to the railing. But I had to in order to maintain my balance. I didn’t want to be lazy or have a crutch so I challenged my body.

That’s what it’s like having Cerebral Palsy. Trying to do “normal” things and feeling silly. Well, that’s what it’s like for me. Little things present a challenge. Sometimes my mind gets a little cloudy and I can’t think straight even though it’s in there. Sometimes I am okay and the next thing I know my whole body hurts. But I still have to show up and participate in society. And society can be cruel. Often people don’t try to understand others. They ridicule. They call you “lazy,” “unmotivated,” “slow,” or “weird.” They don’t see how much effort goes into everything. This brings a slew of emotional issues. It’s bad enough you can’t do things like you want to. Now you have to deal with laughter and keep your head up. And often the ridicule comes from people you love. They don’t know what they are doing. You can’t hold too much against them. People don’t try to understand. I was grown before a relative asked me what it even meant. I have to believe they were doing the best they could do.

I recently discovered they’re were avenues available to me that I needed growing up. It was hard trying to keep up with school, deal with pain and memory issues, deal with loneliness, learn basic skills, remember the skills I already had, and all the other parts of growing up. I will elaborate more.

Right now I ask that if you know anyone who has a physical disability try to understand what it means to have that disability. Because someone taking the time to understand you is one of the greatest boosts to self-esteem anyone could have.

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