11 Things to Add to My To-Do List

Do you love a good to-do list. Here is my current one as regards to writing. The first are about screenwriting.

1. Write a logline for your script.

2. Read an Oscar winning script.

3. Write a premise for your script.

4. Write three kinds of antagonists for your script.

The next ones are writing business related.

1. Go through your old writing. See what you can add to your “Creative Writing” folder.

2. Make a list of the type of writing services you want to focus on this month.

3. Write a sample for each of those.

The last is making a plan for next month.

1. Research examples of the writing services you want to focus on next month.

2. Review blog. Write a list of things to improve.

3. Find examples of blogs you like. Review each one. Write and post review.

4. Take pictures of the writing process. Add to blog posts.

*I am going to break these down into further steps. I have a lot of improving to do. Time to put a plan into action. I’m all about revising my plan so I will keep you updated. Hopefully this public accountability will keep me on track. 

What’s on your to-do list? Let’s talk,






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