Accountability When You’re Alone

If I have someone to answer to I am more likely do get something done. Having a deadline helps as well. I have tried giving myself a deadline. I usually finish way ahead of time or I don’t make it. But if I have someone waiting on me to do something by a certain date I can get the work done.

So how do I get certain writing projects complete when I have no one to turn to? No one cares if I have written three pages. I have tried keeping account of it in my journal. It doesn’t work for me. I shrug. I’ve tried pretending¬† someone exists who needs my work.

I need some system for accountability so I can get these projects done. Right now I am trying to for more business writing. I know the pros of writing more samples. I should have binders full. I need to do more marketing. I set out to do it and then pain kicks in and I’m sitting still somewhere. I watch YouTube. I dose off. It is crazy because right now I’m in pain and I’m composing this.

Ding: I’m using my phone. So maybe the key to me writing more is to use something small and portable.

Challenge: Write at least five articles, observations, or notes on a mobile device for the rest of the week. One down, four more to go.

What do you use to compose your blog posts?

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3 thoughts on “Accountability When You’re Alone

  1. I totally agree, sometimes my phone is the best thing for me to use. I try to write something everytime I have some extra time. (Waiting in the doctors office, being a passenger in a car etc)
    Great Blog!

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