Personal Development: What I’ve Learned Journaling With My iPod

I have been journaling. I always journal, but I am doing it more now. It helps me to get my thoughts together. The thing that pops up the most is love. I’ve said it many times, I am one of those hippy chicks that loves everyone. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to be in love with. I’m working on that. Can you really work on that?

Anywho, I’ve noticed that if I stick to a topic I can still crank out my three pages. I know many of you have heard of writing three pages every morning. I don’t complete mine in the morning. I do so when the ideas come to me. It is great to clear your mind with a nice journal. However, the cute star at the bottom can get in the way.

Earlier I spoke on using my iPod journal. I’ve done that. I’ve learned I can write a lot more with it. I’m not thinking about how many pages I have to fill. I’m not concerned with spelling. What I enjoy is the ability to go back and add or subtract sentences. Once you write it in your journal it’s there. I know there’s pencil, but who is using pencil? Employing the iPod also makes it easy to share what I’ve written with someone. I did that as well. Scary.

The downside is difficulty in maintaining privacy. No one is going through my entries. Those of you who have nosey family might know of some way to lock your mobile writing. If you do please leave the information below. Another downside is you don’t get the satisfaction of balling up the paper to toss it in the trashcan. That’s another exercise for another day.

I love have different items I can use to spill my guts onto the page. Which is your favorite?

Chat with me,

Sara Jo


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