Fraud Alert: Craigslist “Office Assistant” Scam

I wished we lived in a world of honest people. But our scripts would be boring. Let me tell you about a new scam. If you go on Craigslist and look for an administrative job, or a cleaning job, or any other kind of job a lot of them will result in a real application to an actual place. But some say things like “office expansion” or “seeking office assistant.” So you send in your resume. But then the next thing you know you get a check that’s a large amount. And they say they want you to deposit the check then wire so in so because their assistant made a mistake.

Okay, don’t wire anyone anything. If you get a check you didn’t know about. Or shoot, even if you did and it doesn’t feel right tear it up. Take a picture first. Then report it to any local authorities.

I’ve received some emails that state they will pay me $450. Take your money and then… SCAM. The person is out of the country and won’t be back till August. It’s November, dude. SCAM. I know some people take your work and never send you any money. So I guess they are flipping it. It won’t work on us. I am not sending any money. Have you seen my account lately. I’ve been rocking the starving artist thing (minus the starving part).

If you know any scams,

Please let all the readers know. Be safe. And if you are thinking of scamming anyone, please don’t. It’s not worth it. You’ll get caught, go to jail, and your soul will hate you.

Talk to me,



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