Dealing With Overstimulation

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Imagine you have to be in a crowded room, at a conference. Various clusters surround you holding their own conversations. People walk past you. Someone smacks on gum. Someone cackles. The radio has static. It’s early. You need to eat. This is going to be a long day. How do you deal without pulling your hair out?

Overstimulation is a problem for a lot of us. I am an introvert and I love my alone time. But sometimes I have to come out of my room. Yesterday was one of those days. I was stuck in the above scenario. My mind was going crazy. I had something to help.

Thankfully I had my best friend: my notepad. I also brought my iPod. I used both. Being able to write helps me focus my thoughts and sometimes I can drown some of the noise out. If possible I work on a blog post. Or I take notes on what I hear. Sometimes I jot down observations for future scripts. I might draw. I also take deep breaths. If I see a child I smile. Happy babies are great for me as well. I’m sure someone has conducted a story about how babies reduce stress. They make you smile because they smile. And you know they aren’t being friendly for some evil reason. They are pure.

What do you do when you are suffering from overstimulation?

Talk to me,

Sara Jo


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