Self-Development: Avoid Hurting Yourself

“He did me so wrong, though!”

Make it your mission to do right by others, even those who have wronged you so that in the harvest you reap the wheat and not the weeds. Your blessings are not dependent on others actions.

Do not seek revenge because that only invites turmoil on your life. Rather seek peace and gratitude.

You see your strength when others hurt you. You notice your power. To wish harm to others is to give up your power.

It is natural to want the other person to hurt, but you cannot orchestrate one’s demise. You want to preserve your spirit. Later we will discuss forgiveness. But for now decide to distance yourself from acrimonious speech. Resist the urge to blacken eyes or call in the troupes. Sit back and let our dear friend Karma call the shots. Sometimes her flare for drama entertains.



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