Self-Developement: Forgive and Be Free

Sometimes you have to forgive others even if they never apologize.

Boy, have I been mistreated. I’ve been talked to ugly, dogged, lied to, lied on, kicked out, and made to feel a fool.

I think that last one is the hardest to forgive. It is one thing to be insulted by someone you have no emotional attachment to, but to be wronged by someone you adore cuts deep. You feel embarrassed, betrayed, and the wounds seem to pile on top of each other.

Often you replay what you did wrong. Sometimes you didn’t do anything wrong. It could be you showed up at the wrong time. I never get the timing right when it comes to relationships. I don’t just mean romantic ones. But especially those.

It could be the person is not in the right state of mind to receive love. Some people are accustomed to being hurt they try to beat their partner to the punch. That is how they “protect” their hearts. Others don’t know how to handle an amazing person. (Or both.) It could be the person is just a bully.

I am of the firm belief that if you do your best and love as much as you can and still the person hurts you you cannot hold your heart or mind hostage. I often have to remind myself it wasn’t anything I could have done. This makes it easier for me to deal with others. I am an introspective soul so I see what I can improve the next time. Then I laugh because you have to be crazy insane to let me go. And how can you hold a grudge against the crazy insane? Forgive and be free. (That starts with forgiving yourself.)



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