How To Be Kind: Share What You Know

I’ve been spending the last few days with a gorgeous ten year old. She is like most girls her age. She is sweet, playful, and outgoing. I watch her and remember what I was like when I was young.

I see her practice her spelling and reading in time for the upcoming school year. The words are hard for her sometimes. But together we work through it. Today she read a book all on her own and did a report. Currently she is writing more. I asked her how it felt to finish a book and she smiled.

So often children struggle when they don’t have to struggle. This is because no one bothered to share what they know. I can’t speak for her teachers, so I will speak for mine. I was in elementary school and I thought I was dumb. (I didn’t know I was in the advance class.) So much didn’t make sense to me.
My mother took extra time to read to me and made me read out loud. My brother taught me cursive. My mother also got me in this program with one on one training. My skills grew. I became more confident. You all know I am an advocate for tutoring and mentoring. If we stop focussing on ourselves and take the time to break things down to each other we could expand our knowledge faster and accomplish more than we dreamed possible.

I always thought teachers made things complicated. No one told me you could learn your 9 times by using your hands. I looked in her book and no where did it teach her about root words but expected her to do an exercise which requires knowing them. When I was a freshman I tutored ninth graders who were on a third grade level. I helped them with the tips I knew. No one took the time to teach them. I am still mad about that and it has been years.

My point is take some time to teach what you know. This isn’t only about children, but anyone. Wisdom is not for hoarding. Whatever you share will come back to you in a blessing. If I can help a girl believe in herself and learn to enjoy reading I can help her avoid a lot of hardship as she matriculates through school. That in itself is a blessing.

Plus, she just said she had fun.

What knowledge have you shared today?


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