I Added Something To My Planner

Many of you use planners. You may be partial to a weekly layout. That seems the most popular. I use dailies. I don’t have a tho sound things to do, but it allows me to add extra bits to my day. I might include what I ate, how I felt about a particular event, or what I need to work on that day. It is a great way of tracking health and finance as well.

But what I wanted to tell you about today is adding a space in your planner to include your daily intention. I hope it’s something like “I will embrace my inner voice” or “I will forgive (insert name)” and nothing horrific. Start the day off with something positive.


Use your beautiful planner to help you live a more fulfilled life and not just one with stuff to do. How does your planner help you do this? Please share.

Hey, this is my Instagram. Follow me cuz I will post cool planner pictures soon.



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