How I Will Remember My Mom

I am sorry I’ve been away. I have posts written so I will get those typed up and loaded. Recently my life took a huge blow. I lost my mother. She passed away after a battle with Lupus, Diabetes, Pneumonia and her second stoke. It was too much for her heart.

I am heartbroken. She was only 52 and supposed to be around for a long time. I read all the nice things people had to say about her. It makes it easier to let go knowing she was loved. My mother made a difference in many lives. Here are some things Miss Lora taught us.

1. Sometimes you have to love people from a distance.

You do not have to stop loving anyone and keeping your distance doesn’t mean you have; it means you are preserving yourself. Stay away from toxic people. Continue to pray for them. But do not get sucked in to their drama.

2. Speak your mind. If something is not right or someone isn’t doing right by you tell him. You deserve to get respect. Demand it.

3. Cupcakes and cheesecake are your friends. So is a beautifully roasted chicken with a side of vegetables. Eat well and enjoy your food.

4. Manners matter. Say yes ma’am and no sir. If someone holds the door for you tell the person “thank you.” If you don’t she would tell you about yourself.

5. Don’t tell your dreams to everyone. She referred to some as “dream killers.” These people have something negative to say. Your dream isn’t realistic. It is irresponsible to dream. Be content with whatever you’re lucky enough to have. You dream too big. They can all shut up.

6. Speak life into your children.  When I was a kid she told me I was smart and would excel. She saw my abilities before I did.

7. Read to your children and have them read to you. She had nice kids books for me. She made me read to her. I do this with little ones now.

8. Kiss the boo boos. When I was in third grade my teacher didn’t call on me. I peed on myself. Instead of getting mad or embarrassing me she took me to the store and I got a new Barbie. (I had amassed a large Barbie collection by age 8.) When I was sick she got me a stuffed lion and a new book. It was Little Women.

9. Never let anyone intimidate you.
10. Sing. She sang to me when I was sick. She has a sweet voice.

11. Cook with your kids. I refer you to the cheesecake, chicken, and cupcakes. Mama could throw down.

12. Be silly.

13. Look nice when you step out the house. She smelled good, too. I loved hugging her.

This is how I choose to remember my mama. I miss her everyday. I love her. And I’m grateful to have had her.

If your mama is still alive cherish her. Give her a hug for me.


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