Cluttered Space/ Cluttered Mind

I love working in a neat space. I am a chronic reorganizer, but I have finally found an arrangement that I can work with. It is not perfect, but I’m not overtaken by clutter.

I know I find it difficult working in a cluttered space. My eyes cannot rest. That mean my mind cannot relax. You know how difficult to watch a video with someone constantly talking over the next person. A dissolved space has the same effect on the mind. The mess drowns out the message your mind wants to send you.

So if you find yourself unable to focus take a look at your space.  Clean up after yourself. Give files, clothes, and odds and ends a home. Do a 15 minute pickup at the end of the day. Not only will you be able to think clearly, but you will be more productive because you are not looking for something. You may find you look forward to entering this space.


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