So, Where is Your Passion?

Do people know what you love to do? Does it radiate from your spirit? Or do you hide it? Is it a hobby or a passion that burns bright enough to encourage others?

If you know me you know I’m passionate about music, writing, and literacy. These are topics I constantly discuss. I’m always singing. You see me with my notebooks or typing away in my phone. You have no choice but to notice I what I love.

Actors often say you have to have a need to act to be any good at it. It isn’t something that looks fun. I have a friend who always dances. He is a choreographer. You see him listening to music and making dances. I have another friend that does marketing and career counseling and she constantly offers encouragement. My sister is a natural born motivator as well. What they do is their DNA. You could say it is a calling.

I’m almost mad about these things. That is how it should be. People will tell you the key to success in anything is passion. It sure makes things easier. You conscience others to help you when they see you go hard for your dreams. Someone will want to be a part of it. If you tell someone, I want to be a chef but you never cook or a basketball player but you never shoot hoops how will anyone believe you? You don’t even believe in you?

Passion creates action. It is what makes you shoot hoops in the cold or the heat. You sacrifice because you want it. You can’t not do it. You feel weird when you don’t do it. And you make choices that aid you in doing it. So when you look at what you love to do do you really love it or is it a hobby? Can you live without doing it? In that case, do something else.

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