Starting A Business- Have Faith, and Take Action

Starting a business is scary. So much could go wrong and not everything will go as planned. It takes a brave soul to start a business.

I believe faith is important. But faith without works is dead. So what can I do to show my faith, thereby increasing it at the same time? I can only share what works for me.

Create a plan of action. This means putting down on paper what I want to do and how I will do it. If I don’t know the “how” I write down what I do know.

I take action. This means doing what I can. I know if I want to book authors I put my myself in the mind of an author. What does he need? He needs to get the word out about an upcoming book. So I need to find readers who are into that genre. Where are they? Book forums will tell me. I see what they read, what complaints they have, and their favorite authors. Oh, let me see what this author does. What? He blogs about his writing process.

Ideas begin to form. Actions lead to more actions. The how started to reveal itself. I am also networking. I am building my brand. My author clients appreciate my work. Some will get recognition by others checking out what I do. My business will grow.

All these ideas encourage me. I have something to work on daily. I can keep my momentum going. Starting is slow. Anticipating what what my client needs means I can deliver faster with better results. I’ll see my progress and be reassured my business will succeed.


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