The Warning Signs Your Woman Is Dangerous

Men often find themselves entangled with women who harm them. Sometimes these women set out to get into a man’s head and destroy him from the inside out. Other women are less calculated, but still as detrimental to one’s quality of life. In examining women (and being one) I have learned the difference between an honorable woman and a devious woman.

A strong woman does not want a man she can control or manipulate. Such a man will only solicit pity. He will bore her. A weak woman prefers a man she can control. She will only weaken him. Drain him of his resources, emasculate him, and leave him unrecognizable as a man. If you are in the company of a controlling woman it is only because you are a weak man.

A strong woman is immune to jealousy. A weak woman is crippled by it. A weak woman has hate on her lips. Often her words are coded. She seeks to cause division of families or friends; to isolate a man from his foundation. She makes him think those that have built him up are out to tear him down, when it is she that wishes to destroy him. Sometimes her motives are not as clear, even to herself, but the outcome is still the same. If you hear such whispers take action. Her poison works fast.

A weak woman will not build on your empire. She will threaten any progress you have made.

A weak woman plays on your loyalty. She makes up to break up at a whim. She tests your patience. Then she lures you back in.

All of this is part of her manipulation. She may seem irrational, but she is often more strategic than she lets on. Examine all the characters in your life. If any raise red flags run. Break off ties. Protect yourself…or be destroyed.


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