Stop Reading and Write!

I enjoy reading blog posts. I love reading writing blog posts. I sometimes find new tips. But usually I am putting off writing for one of my own projects. I find that when I read a lot of writing posts I see tips and tricks I already know. At this point I should stop reading and start writing.

I’m not going to tell you not to read writing blogs. That would be counter productive to my efforts. But if you find yourself procrastinating by reading my posts I ask that you stop. I want to see new and refreshing content. We can’t create that if we are all scrolling each other’s blogs instead of focusing on our magnificent works. We have time to do that later. Like when you have your tablet  because you are waiting for your computer to finish updating.

If you want to show support to other writers that is a beautiful thing. I appreciate all the love I get. But do not use my site as an excuse not to work, especially if you know the information already. If you want a refresher course or are new to writing use me. I’m here to help. But if you do not feel like writing that breakup scene I will not be held responsible. Do not let me distract you. Finish your scene. Then browse.




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